Two-Color Printing

In the past, most jobs were printed one color. Today, the use of color is much more prevalent. Many clients are finding that a simple black-on-white piece doesn't make their printed matter competitive with the vast amount of information being presented.

A second color can be used as an accent in illustrations or in copy to set apart something you want to emphasize. We've used a second color to accent the captions throughout this web site.

In two-color printing, like four-color, tight registration is essential. If the colors aren't in perfect register, if each color isn't printed exactly where it's supposed to be printed, the finished piece just won't look very good. We take extra care with color registration, so your job will look the way you want it from the first sheet to the last.

   Two color printing works especially well for weekly or monthly newsletters.

   Here we used a second color in the photo. Notice how this duotone method adds to the dramatic effect, making it much more appealing than a simple black and white print.


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