Up to this point, if you've been browsing these pages in order, we've only talked about the basics of pre-production and printing. We also provide the services that finish-out a job and give it the needed extras that make it a productive tool in your office or in front of your customer.

If you need a multi-page book, it will need to be folded, collated and probably stitched.

Your snap-out form, or receipt book with copies that tear out, will have to be perforated and perhaps numbered.

Your presentation folders will have to be scored after they are die cut. Your dividers or catalog pages will have to be drilled.

You may want to have your file cards round cornered to keep them looking neat in your customer's file box.

To keep your supply of printing clean and easy to find on your shelf, shrink wrapping in clear plastic is needed.

And how do you get your beautiful printing to your customers?

We can handle that, too. We have access to hundreds of mailing lists to help you pinpoint your target market.
All of this is part of the many services we provide "in- house." That's just another thing that separates us from the majority of print shops.

   We provide many extra services for our customers. We have one of the most complete printing plants in the area -- even doing work for many printers. Our vast capabilities means keeping the work in our plant... and allowing you to have more control and confidence in your print job. It's like icing on the cake!


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