We have three generations of typesetting technology: handset "foundry" type, hot metal type-casting, and computerized digital typesetting.
 Handset foundry type hasn't changed much since the 15th century. Each individual letter is combined by hand with others to form words and sentences.


Handset type is best for letterpress jobs with very little type. Or jobs that require an antique look using type not available elsewhere.


Hot metal is quicker than hand-setting, so we use it for letterpress work that involves more type.


The hot metal method is relatively modern; its only aout 120 years old. Hot metal linecasting uses a series of matrixes or "molds" of each of the letters which are injected with hot lead to form lines of type.


Desktop publishing revolutionized typesetting and other graphics areas. We were pioneers in utilizing desktop publishing applications as they relate to printing -- being one of the first commercial printers to install these systems. Because we knew typesetting and printing before we tackled desktop publishing, we have the "knowhow" to make your printed job look more professional, and do it more efficiently, than someone lacking our experience.

You can bring us copy on paper that we can scan into text; or data on a disk that we can put into type. Our extensive, growing type library, along with software and expertise to manipulate the fonts, allows us to create the perfect "feel" you need for your printed project.


Or, of course, we can accept computer files from many popular page layout and illustration programs.

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 Digital typesetting comes from the advancements made in computer technology. Each character is made up of numeric data and codes to tell the imagesetter how to "draw" it, how to "fill" it, and how much space to leave for the next character

Digital type also lends itself well to creating special effects. At left is a very small sample of the many effects which can be created using specialized computer programs.

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