Seven Secrets of...

Getting More Business
From Your Marketing Materials

 1 Know your audience....To whom are you speaking? Whether it is a direct mail piece or a poster, a billboard or a brochure, the job of your material is to sell. And for that, you need to know exactly who you are addressing,what they want, and how to appeal to their needs.
 2   GRAB THEIR ATTENTION....Your layout, graphics,headline, text and colors choices must all come together to insist "READ ME". No matter what the product or service, your materials need to stand out and demand attention.
 3   What's special?....Why should anyone be interested in you? What distinguishes you from your competitors? If you can't come up with a good reason for doing business with your own company, chances are your prospects can't either.
 4   What's in it for them?....You may be very proud of your new product, service or equipment, but what's the advantage for your customers? What are the specific, clear-cut benefits... and will they perceive those benefits as being worth coming to you?
 5   A picture....The best way to draw interest to any sales material is with graphics. Make use of images that fit your company and service, and which have a strong reason for being there.
 6  ...A thousand words....The most important part of any sales message is the copy. Grab your readers with the headline and hold their attention until you drive home your message: "Act now and you will receive enormous benefits!"
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